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 Classic Information Systems supplies industry specific solutions for the mining, drilling, oil & gas and exploration industries. Classic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of these industries through development of industry specific modules to ensure Classic ERP can fulfill your requirements and grow with your business as it transitions through your business lifecycle.


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Software Development

11-50 employees


Privately Held


Expenditure Monitoring, Cost Dissection & Tracking, Reporting, Accounting, Specialised for Mining, Explorating and Oil & Gas, Information Technology, ERP, and Information Communication Technology

Web & Mobile Requisition
When an engineering student came to pulse with Questions to help with their research project, the resulting response, subsequently published  as an edited....




Exploration Pack

ERP software specifically designed to cater to the needs of mining,drilling ,oil & gas and exploration  industries-Industry specific modules ensure classic can fulfil your requirements and grow with your business.....

Traditional has Never been So
For companies with multiple joint  ventures where the company  is  charging  for staff  time at charge  out rates to the various projects to  the module needs to be able to charge  jobs across companies...