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Unlocking Business Potential: Web Business Functionality with ERP Tiles

Access specific business processes designed to provide individual users system access. Our ERP solution transforms the way you work by providing easy access to specific business processes tailored for individual users. Introducing customisable “Tiles” that open doors to a world of efficient and user-centric functionalities.

These tiles are configurable by user and open specific business functionality.


Effortlessly oversee and manage system-generated tasks using the intuitive Task Manager tile. Prioritize and complete critical activities with precision, empowering users to stay organised and on top of their workload seamlessly.

User Dashboard – Power BI Reports

Empower your decision-making with the User Dashboard, offering direct access to Power BI reports. Visualise and analyse your data in real-time, gaining valuable insights to drive strategic initiatives and optimise performance.

Expense Claims Management

Simplify and streamline the expense claims process. Our ERP solution’s dedicated tile for Expense Claims Management ensures accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in handling financial transactions, making reimbursement workflows a breeze.

Purchase Requests

Facilitate procurement with ease. The Purchase Requests tile allows users to submit and track purchase requests seamlessly, promoting efficient communication and ensuring timely acquisitions.

Safety – Incident Reporting

Prioritize workplace safety with the dedicated Safety – Incident Reporting tile. Report and manage incidents promptly, fostering a secure work environment and demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of your workforce.


Manage working hours effortlessly with the Timesheets tile. Enable accurate tracking of hours worked, facilitating payroll processes and providing insights into resource utilisation for enhanced project management.

Leave Requests and Approvals

Streamline leave management with the dedicated tile for Leave Requests and Approvals. Simplify the process for employees and ensure timely approval workflows, promoting a harmonious work-life balance.

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