Classic Grid: Data Collection and Mobility

Comprehensive & Flexible Mining Data Management – now easier to access than ever before!

Companies in the resources industry that use Classic Information Systems to implement the Grid platform can digitize their processes 80% faster, and save over 60% time in data collection and management.

Transform Your Business

Collect, analyse and optimise your operational data through Classic-Grid, with Classic Information Systems.

Classic-Grid will transform your business


More Cost Effective


Faster setup & go-live


Average softwares&applications replaced

Use Classic-Grid for:

    • Health & Safety
    • Mine Production Tracking
    • Grade Control
    • Inspections and Pre-Starts
    • Asset Maintenance & Monitoring
    • Work Schedules
    • Drilling & Blasting Operations
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Classic Grid

Our Classic-Grid services will introduce you to the mining industry’s first no-code platform that enables teams to create, manage and integrate applications on the go, bringing together all operational data assets on a single platform.

Classic-Grid as Your Data Collection Point

Classic-Grid is the data collection point for your business digitising your data collection.

Classic-Grid’s Potential to Sync with External Services

Classic Grid has the potential to integrate with a vast array of external services and servers. By syncing your data its available real time for that critical data analysis.

Instant Value with Classic-Grid’s Mining and Exploration Template

Classic-Grids template for Mining & Exploration companies means you will get value from the product from day one.

Unmatched Scalability: Built on a Technological Powerhouse

Built on a technological framework that allows rapid scaling- support thousands of workers and millions of rows of data, daily.

Limitless Possibilities: Classic-Grid, Your Open-Ended Solution

Being an open ended product there are countless possible processes and solutions you can create, the only limitation is your imagination.

Cutting-Edge Efficiency: Classic-Grid, The No- Code Platform for Operational Excellence

Classic-Grid is a cutting edge no code platform for lightning fast operational data gathering, analysis and management.

Tailored Complexity: Incredibly Customisable Workflows

Incredibly customisable, with workflows of immense complexity supported.

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