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Grid and Classic Information Systems To Transform Mining Operations Together: Welcome, “Classic-GRID”

Grid, the leading cloud platform for operations management, is proud to announce its partnership with Classic Information Systems, a leading provider of ERP solutions for the resources industry. With over 25 years of experience in the field, Classic brings a wealth of expertise to the table, making them the perfect partner to help bring the latest technology and innovation to the resources industry.

Together, Grid and Classic aim to revolutionize the way mining operations are managed. By leveraging Grid’s innovative technology and focus on field operational data management, and Classic’s experience and understanding of the resources industry, the two companies are poised to help companies achieve their operational transformation goals and drive growth.

The partnership will also enable both the companies to build integrations with their platforms therefore creating complete operational and financial digitisation opportunities for the customers. Classic’s presence in Western Australia will also ensure localized support and services.

"We look forward to our partnership with Grid and bringing the power and flexibility of no code and the advanced data gathering and analysis capabilities of Grid to the mining industry and into the Classic Mining ERP solution.” - Said Scott Yull, Managing Director at Classic Information Systems.

“Our partnership with Classic Information Systems will enable us to greatly empower and revolutionize the mining industry. Classic’s existing ERP solution meshes beautifully with the rich data gathering and analysis that Grid provides and we're excited to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help companies transform their operations.” - Udit Poddar, CEO of Grid, commented on the partnership.

Grid also has the potential to integrate with a vast array of external services and servers. By partnering with Classic Information Systems, companies can be assured that all their data will be synced where it needs to be and be available for mission-critical analysis as soon as possible. Finally, troubleshooting and customer care is a hallmark of Classic Information Systems’ offering, and with their Tier 1 support staff and escalation matrix, customers can rest assured that whenever they are stuck, they’ll have the support they need in a timely manner.

We’re confident that the partnership will enable companies across the resources sector to move faster towards their digital transformation goals.