Transform your business.

Collect, analyze and optimize your operational data through Classic-Grid, with Classic Information Systems.

Comprehensive & Flexible Mining Data Management - now easier to access than ever before!

Companies in the resources industry that use Classic Information Systems toimplement the Grid platform can digitize their processes 80% faster, and save over 60% time in data collection and management.

Classic-Grid will transform your buisness


More Cost Effective


Faster setup & go-live


Average softwares and applications replaced

Use Classic-Grid for:


  • Health & Safety
  • Mine Production Tracking
  • Grade Control
  • Inspections and Pre-Starts
  • Asset Maintenance & Monitoring
  • Work Schedules
  • Drilling & Blasting Operations
1. Classic-Grid is the data collection point for your business digitizing your data collection.
3. Classic-Grids template for Mining & Exploration companies means you will get value from the product from day one.
5. Built on a technological framework that allows rapid scaling - support thousands of workers and millions of rows of data, daily.
7. Being an open ended product there are countless possible processes and solutions you can create, the only limitation is your imagination.
2. Classic-Grid is a cutting-edge no code platform for lightning fast operational data gathering, analysis and management.
4. Incredibly customizable, with workflows of immense complexity supported.
6. Classic Grid has the potential to integrate with a vast array of external services and servers. By syncing your data its available real time for that critical data analysis.

Classic Information System with Classic-Grid introduce to you the mining industry’s first no-code platform that enables teams to create, manage and integrate applications on the go, bringing together all operational data assets on a single platform.


Discuss how to establish a comprehensive mining data management solution tailored for your business.