Exploration: Tenement Management / reporting

Exploration – Tenement Management

The Tenement Costing module is a specific development to cater for the requirements of exploration companies.

Effectively manage tenement costs with our intuitive Exploration Tenement Management system. Allocate costs by area, region, or custom distribution effortlessly, simplifying the process of allocating expenses directly from invoices or purchase orders. This ensures a seamless and transparent approach to managing financial aspects, providing you with clarity and control over your exploration tenement expenditures.

Form 5 Reporting Made Easy

Our Exploration Tenement Management system includes Form 5 Reporting capabilities, customisable to meet the specific reporting requirements of various states.

Generate reports based on: Mines department codes Anniversary dates minimum Expenditure requirements

This feature not only ensures compliance but also provides valuable insights into your exploration activities, supporting informed decision-making for future endeavours.

In essence, our Exploration Tenement Management system is designed with your needs in mind, offering a user-friendly platform to efficiently handle cost allocations and meet reporting obligations. It’s the tool you need to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and maintain compliance effortlessly.

Classic Information System In the Exploration Industry

The tenement is the most important asset of any exploration company. Having proper reconcilable costs and visibility on your tenement avoids being plainted and ensures statutory compliance. Classic has been selected by exploration companies for this reason as the tenement management module provides you with that peace of mind.

We can capture:

  • Tenement Expiry Dates
  • Mines Department Minimum Spend Requirement
  • Anniversary Date Reporting
  • Form 5 Codes
  • Form 5 Report
  • Report by Region, Area, or Manager
  • Alerts on upcoming Anniversary Dates
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