Classic Modules: Full Life-Cycle Functionality

The Integrated Classic System Connects Various Modules Throughout The Overall Product.

This allows for better workflows, as the information is shared as required. Our modular system can be broken into three groups: Financials, Operations and Reporting. These individual groups of modules are created to assist in specific business practices. Combined together the modular groups make for a well-rounded, successful and proven solution.

Having The Right Tools To Manage Your Business Is Critical For Any Organisation


These tools must not only provide you with accurate, reliable and error-free information but be intuitive, consistent and provide the user with an easy to use interface. Classic prides itself on delivering a Financial Management tool-set that is easy to use, comprehensive in it’s offering, while remaining simple in it’s delivery.


Data Query

Provides the power and flexibility to meet stringent reporting requirements.


Plant Maintenance

Powerful maintenance management software; fully integrated, and simple to use.


Tenement Costing

Highly flexible, multi-phase estimating and cost control

bankrecon 1

Avada University

Straightforward, accurate management of your bank



The Requisitions module is a combination of a set of master
records which contain the authorisation levels defined in
your organization.


Sales Orders

Automate the Sales process with a system that can support a variety of invoicing & dispatching requirements.


fixedassets 1

Fixed Assets

Multi-regime asset recording, tracking and analysing; depreciation control.


General Ledger

Grid web and app functionality all non-financial data can be captured and managed. Works in an off-line mode that is synced when you come within range.


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable module streamlines payment processes, ensuring efficient financial management.


Purchase Orders

Automation of the entire purchasing cycle, with superior spending control.

acctrecieve 1

Accounts Receivable

Efficient management of cash receipt processes and customer statements.


Time Sheet

Total charging analysis, full details of each employee’s time allocation.


Joint Venture

ERP Joint Venture module facilitates collaboration, optimizing shared projects seamlessly.



Total costing analysis, full details of each employee’s history.



Complete control over your inventory with a superior tracking solution.

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