The Integrated Classic System Connects Various Modules Throughout The Overall Product.

This allows for better workflows, as the information is shared as required. Our modular system can be broken into three groups; Financials, Operations and Reporting. These individual groups of modules are created to assist in specific business practices. Combined together the modular groups make for a well-rounded, succesful and proven solution.


Having The Right Tools To Manage Your Business Is Critical For Any Organisation

These tools must not only provide you with accurate, reliable and error-free information but be intuitive, consistent and provide the user with an easy to use interface. Classic prides itself on delivering a Financial Management tool-set that is easy to use, comprehensive in it’s offering, while remaining simple in it’s delivery.


The Classic System

Classic’s functionality is divided into separate, integrated modules, each designed to assist different business requirements. This allows businesses to create tailored solutions and module combinations to suit their individualistic needs.
Data Query
Plant Maintenance
Tenement costing
Bank Reconciliation
Sales Order
Fixed Asset
General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Purchase Order
Accounts Recievable
Time Sheet
Joint Venture

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