The FASTEST Way to Evaluate
Your Mining Projects
Create financial models in hours rather than days or weeks.
The world’s most advanced software tool to create reliable and transparent mining financial models.

Created by Financial Modeling Consultants

Model Development
Create reliable and transparent mine models within hours.
NPV ONE guides you through the model creation process and demystifies project analysis.
Online Collaboration
Safely share your project analysis easily with key stakeholders.
Impress your investors with a professional tool
Compare Scenarios
Duplicate financial models and make the desired changes to the new scenario.
Then compare with one click and evaluate the findings.
Let's talk before you engage an internal or external expert
Embrace the power of NPV ONE model software to forecast the cash flows and understand the sensitivity of mining projects. With NPV ONE you can create and share models within hours.

Let us REVIEW your existing financial model

send us your existing model and we will review it for your peace of mind

Spreadsheet to CLOUD
NPV One is the answer to the need for a fully programmed ,centralised solution used by all parties involved in the evaluation process
Enter Input and Get Output
Enter INPUT data and get OUTPUT data straight away.No need to create a spread sheet financial mode-it takes too much time, effort and money
Peace Of Mind
NPV ONE has a clear and transparent structure that will allow you to understand  your project in detail.

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